Saturday, July 3, 2010


Oh My. We had SOOO much fun! Sunscreen, fast cars, cinderblock seats... LOTS of water - It was an awesome time! I LOVED being so close to the track. My ears rang for the rest of the day!

Hi Honey! I was so nice - car sick and all - I let the hubby have the front seat - him and my dad chattered the entire way down!

The Flyover - TOTALLY awesome experience - I highly encourage everyone to expierence it AT LEAST once in a lifetime!

GO KYLE GO! Unfortunately, Kyle didn't stay pretty long... SUCH a bummer! He wound up finishing 35 laps down.

Kyle - post repairs...

Once Kyle was out, we decided to root for Marcos Ambrose - he woulda had it... Stupid Johnson!

This lady was a TRIP! She would hoot and holler and cheer and boo - and you couldn't tell who she was rooting for... All we could do was laugh!

Now to do it all again next year!