Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wish You Were Here...

Have y'all ever been to Sonoma County? No? Well then you have never experienced *PERFECT* racing weather. Sun is shining, steady breeze, the goofiest people you have EVER seen. Then there are the Cuties like this fella.

Time to get some more pictures! 
GO KYLE! GO!!!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like a Junkie getting a Fix

Hello friends,

Tomorrow I will embark on my yearly voyage to Mecca. Also know in the Redneck world as NASCAR. I will have my phone, however I will be yelling and screaming at men driving over priced toys even though I know as well as you that they wont be able to hear me. I will take photos. And I will be chanting GO KYLE GO! 

Email or text will be the best way to get me, if you need to. 

Happy weekend! =)


To Infineon I go. I will return sun burnt. I will return tired. I will return amused. I will return with TONS of pictures. Watch for a pictures post later this week. I *may* be recovered by Wednesday. But then again, I may not. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mommy's Little Dirtbag

Does everyone remember how much fun it is to play in the dirt?? 

If you don't you need to play again. 

What follows is a series of images I was lucky enough to capture. 

Mommy's Little Dirtbag

Isnt she amazing?!?? 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Breakfast, anyone?

Just an FYI - Ma Nature is having a hot flash. 

That being said, I decided I wanted baked potatoes for dinner. 
{insert head banging against wall here}
I figured, since I need the oven on, why not bake a couple-a loaves?

The Ingredients:
1 box yellow cake mix 
3 eggs
1/3C vegetable oil or applesauce (interchangeable)
4 mashed bananas 
(they don't have to be over-ripe and actually have better flavor if they aren't)

Pre-heat the oven to 350* F

I use my KitchenAid Stand mixer and mash the bananas first. 
Add eggs and oil/applesauce to the bananas and mix well
Add cake mix and mix until completely blended

This is where I toss in more goods...
Drain and rinse (or rinse and drain) one small basket fresh blueberries
{you can use raspberries, blackberries, frozen berries - 
if using frozen you will need to bake longer}
I also sometimes {this time} add chocolate chips
Gently fold in berries and chocolate chips

This makes TWO loaves
Make sure you have your loaf pans ready
Split as evenly as you can between the two pans
Sprinkle 1/4 cup chocolate chips on top 
(if you are using them - completely optional)

Place in the oven and  bake for 30 to 35 minutes 
The toothpick test works for this recipe - I check at 30 minutes then go from there

Finished goods:



Friday, June 3, 2011

Yay! Free Friday!

Every Friday Baby Be Blessed hosts a giveaway. 
Every Friday I look at it. 
Every Friday I think about going to Church.
On Saturday, I think about going to Church again. 
By Sunday I am so full of self-doubt that I chicken out and don't go.
I NEED to go.
I need to take my child to Church. 
I need for her to know the love and faith that I do. 

Okay. Off my soap box. 

Moral of this post:
Go check out Baby Be Blessed
They have somethin rockin goin on over there... 
Its more than just a giveaway. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

In The Post

I have made some of the most amazing friends via twitter and blog hoppin'. 
One of these wondrous friends is the owner of Little Creatable 
and is known by the handle @littlecreatable on twitter. 
She is one of the most sincere women and I have come to adore her.
 She was FLOORED that I had never learned to cross stitch, 
let alone know what I was supposed to have in order to learn. 
The following photos are evidence of her generosity and creative abilities. 

This is what was in the post...

{YES that says AUSTRALIA post}

{Dont mind the mess...}

{it has my name!}


{the goods}

{the cutest little book!}

{in the beginning...}

{NOT the end}

{isn't this the most gorgeous thread EVER!!!}

{even the inside is gorgeous}

I am so very blessed to have found a friend that can read me like a book from so very far away. 
Love you, Brie!