Thursday, June 2, 2011

In The Post

I have made some of the most amazing friends via twitter and blog hoppin'. 
One of these wondrous friends is the owner of Little Creatable 
and is known by the handle @littlecreatable on twitter. 
She is one of the most sincere women and I have come to adore her.
 She was FLOORED that I had never learned to cross stitch, 
let alone know what I was supposed to have in order to learn. 
The following photos are evidence of her generosity and creative abilities. 

This is what was in the post...

{YES that says AUSTRALIA post}

{Dont mind the mess...}

{it has my name!}


{the goods}

{the cutest little book!}

{in the beginning...}

{NOT the end}

{isn't this the most gorgeous thread EVER!!!}

{even the inside is gorgeous}

I am so very blessed to have found a friend that can read me like a book from so very far away. 
Love you, Brie!

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