Monday, May 30, 2011

In the Summer

is when I miss it the most. I miss the salty fog rolling through the redwoods. I miss the sparkling sunshine breaking through the boughs. in the cove on Trinidad Head. I miss sitting I miss the warm walks around the Plaza. I miss the length of the day being literally on the coastline of the continent. I miss walking to the ball park for some AAA ball. I miss throwing darts at photos of crazy people at Sidelines. I miss Rugby house parties. I miss Cafe Tomo. I miss the simplicity of walking from one end of town to the other - just because you can.

While I miss it, I love my husband. I love my daughter. I love my smurf blue house with its white-ish eyebrows. I dont love the humidity of living so close to the lake. I dont love the stifiling heat of July and August. In those months, I miss it even more.

Maybe I will add some photos. Or maybe I will let you use your imagination. Either way, It is beautiful.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stuck in the Mud

A few weeks ago we went out to the hunting camp belonging to a family friend. SO MUCH FUN! Well, that is until his dad came mosey-ing down into camp to let us know he got the CAT stuck in the mud. It was seriously amusing.


Bob's Cat Service

Mikey's Backhoe Service

Still stuck...

Cute little mosnter -
 the bathwater was BROWN!

Walkin with Dad

Something pretty -
Mountian Lupine