Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Year in Rugs

Here's the deal. A nice crazy SUPER AWESOME bloggy friend came up with this zany idea and collaborated with a "partner in crime" (ahem, whats the crime for collaboration??) and we decided we would like to have a bunch of us get together and have a "holiday mug rug swap" which means starting with Valentines Day through Christmas of this year you will make a mug rug for a new partner for each of the holidays listed below. I (ME? HAAHAHA! Said crazy friend...) will send out a news blip to tell you who your partner is for each Holiday and will post the details here and on her blog as well without revealing who has who for the holiday. So you can join up here but can also follow Jeanne on her blog The Learning Curve for details or better yet  follow us both. It is all for the fun of getting a sweet "gifty" from someone new 8 or 9 times a year!!!!

Holidays/Seasons/Events & mail out dates:

February: Valentines Day Mail Feb. 7th

March: St. Patrick's Day Mail March 7th

April: Easter or April Showers Mail April 7th

May-June Spring Break

July: Independence Day/4th of July Mail June 28th YES -  June 28th

August: Summer Break

September: Back to School or Labor Day or End of Summer (your choice) Mail September 7th - Please email in August stating if you are going to want to send for Labor Day so we can get partner info out early enough!!!

October: Halloween Mail October 7th

November: My (Jeanne's) Birthday you all have to send me one ( just kidding!) Thanksgiving Mail November 7th

December: Christmas or Winter Time Mail December 7th

Birthdays: Who doesn't love birthdays??  Let us know if you are interested in this aspect and when your birthday is

We think if we all hurry and sign up we can get this done in time to get to your partner for Valentines Day. That means you have to ship it on February 7th to arrive in time in the US. If you are interested get with me or Jeanne before next week Tuesday the 17th (yes, short turn around!) and we will have your partner's name to you on Wednesday the 18th.

If you want to play sign up by posting a comment here or here.

Message from Jeanne: YaY, I love love, love valentines and Love LOve LOVE my friends. Hurry, let's do this.


For this swap, you will make one Mug Rug with a Valentines Day theme. A nice size for finish is approximately 10″x6″ (or 9.5″/10.5″ x 6.5″). Let's make them with 100% cotton, quilted, and bound securely (no raw or zig-zagging or serging the edges). You can piece, embroider or applique your design just make sure it is washable, I would love a small label or at least written on the back who, what, where and why so let's do that too. And make sure you have it in the mail by February 7th. We have to be diligent on this one so everyone gets a Valentine please. I will set up a

Flickr page and you can post your works in progress but don't disclose your swap-pee's name. (I love that "swap-pee" LOL)

The Rules

1. Make one mug rug to send to your secret person.

2. Use a Valentine Day theme.

3. Use 100% cotton. (Batting/filler optional)

4. Can be pieced, appliqued, embroidered.

5. Must be washable.

6. Label or write on the back: To: partners name From: your name Date: Valentines Day 2012

or February 14, 2012 (something like that).

7. Last day to sign up is Tuesday Jan. 10th.

8. Add pictures of WIP to Flickr account if you want

9. Keep secret who your partner is.

10. Mail it out on February 7th NO LATER or they might not get it.

****Anyone not able to meet the shipping deadline needs to actively communicate around this - lack of communication will cause one to not be welcome to participate in any other of either of our swaps for the rest of this year.****

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Attitude?

So, first off, Happy New Year! Now that that is out of the way, I've been thinking. I think I need an attitude adjustment. This year my goal is to be grateful. That's it. Just grateful. I thought I would make a list of the things I am grateful for, good idea, right? Like a reminder that life is good. Well, I have that reminder every day. The little voice that says 'good morning Mommy' - that truly is the best sound in the world.

Things I Am Grateful For: my child (soon to be children), the impending birth of my son, my husband (no matter how much we don't see eye to eye), my family (even with all the chaos), my friends - even those that I don't really talk with anymore - I am still grateful that they are at some level a part of my life, creativity, having a roof over our heads when so many don't, the ability to grow and learn.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. Along the way I am sure I will discover more things to be grateful for, and maybe I will remember to share, but those of you who know me, also know that I may have to be reminded to.

2011 was an intense amazing year full of adventure and change. Lets be realistic. I am NEVER going to catch up with sharing the events of 2011. And I may be just as horrid at sharing in 2012, but here's to hoping I can get a little better at it. WITH the Attitude of Gratitude.

After all, how can you not be grateful when you wake up every morning with food to eat, a roof over your head, gainful employment, friends and family, and the knowledge that today is another day to try your best?

This being said, welcome to post number one of Attitude of Gratitude.

I invite you to be Grateful.
I invite you to join with me and show your Attitude of Gratitude.
You may have to remind me to share mine, but lets do this!