Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Have a Giveaway...

The Stash
Boy howdy!
Is that some fabric, or what!!
Ive got nothing on Ryan over at Ryan Walsh Quilts
His 'stash' is AMAZING!
As in 'when I grow I wanna...' AMAZING!

Another stunning stash is over at Annie's place Fabric Therapy
She has phenominal talent and is so thourough in her explinations!
She did a guest post at Stash Manicure (another FAB blog!)
Welcome to My Underwear Drawer has an amazing breakdown of the goods!

The Project
(well - one of them!)

Jemellia over at Jem Jam
is hosting a monthly bout of insanity sewing challenge for 2011
We will be using

Style Stitches by Amy Butler (AMAZING!)

The first go will be The Cosmo Bag
Of course, my fabric choices are VERYY different.
Watch for pictures of the finished product to come!
(I should mention that the fabric for each of the monthly projects will come from my stash!)

I have made a indecision.
(maddness? insanity? Maybe...)
I need 25 followers
- thats it -
 just 19 more PHENOMINAL people
to follow my blog and be nosey into my world every so often.... 
And I will create something awesome for a randomly chosen
 follower Nosey Fantastic friend!

 So, friends, get your blog hoppin in gear  and have your nice friends take a looksie...
I am de-stashing - I PROMISE!


  1. I stop in frequently, anyway, but I went ahead and will 'follow' your blog and be a happy recipient if I should be the lucky one!

  2. I am a humble follower. I hope you are enjoying the hexie swap.

  3. Just found your blog, love the idea of making bags with your stash. A lady can never have too many bags :)

    MrsShilts x