Sunday, November 6, 2011



So many different images float through my head when I say this word.

The ranch in the valley where I learned to ride my bike, ride a horse, shoot a gun
The house on the hill where I found arrow heads and jack rabbits
The  apartment in the college town where I started to figure life out
The house I shared with four phenomenal women
The mountain top in Montana where I felt free and alive
The beach where I can feel my soul pulsating with the waves

The smiling face that met me when I got home from Houston
Ft Bragg, CA 2011

Of course she was accompanied by her Daddy
Oct 15, 2011

Wherever these two faces (soon to be three!) are is where Home really is. 

Make sure you click over to A Prairie Sunrise and see who else is sharing stories of Home. 
I bet they will warm your heart. 


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  1. Silly me, I didn't realize you were such a ranch girl. That means I did real good on your hoop. ;D

    Thanks so much for linking up. Love the pictures! :)