Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas is...

OFFICIALLY OVER! WOOOHOOOO! Party at the Maxman house!

Dont get me wrong - I love Christmas and all - but dang. Doing three Christmas celebrations on Christmas Day as well as figuring out everyone's gift? Yeah, its alot of brain power going into it. Not to mention A TON of woman hours going into this year... Y'all ready??

So, if you remember, Jocilin was helping me with her quilt - until it was time for borders...

Just a memory refresher...

FINALLY has borders!

Warm & Fuzzy

Justine - AKA - Toad was also the lucky recipient of a quilt from Dear Ol' Sis...

Toad <3s her new blankie!

The Nephews fared well too...

Lucky Michael!
Notice the Lizards above? He started naming them after he opened his blankie! <3

...3! ...2! ...1! ... BLAST OFF

Mathew's Space Loot!

What else could there be, you ask? Well, kids, we are just getting started!

For Sister Sarah a new hand-bag

Mom fared fairly well too - even with her silly remarks -- a little background... Way back at the begining of December, I made a comment about makin a list and checkin it twice on my FB page. Well, my mom, being the silly that she is, stated that all she wanted was a crayon roll, a marker roll, and a colored pencil roll with a matching carrying case... Well, ask and ye shall recieve!

Louisa, Ali, Cameron & Cadence all scored new purses...
Perfect for little hands, if I do say so myself!

As to why they are sideways - WHO KNOWS!  But they sure are cute!

And of course, Justine sure is lucky I love her! I took most of an entire day
 that I had dedicated to finishing my projects
(which didnt get done until THREE AM CHRISTMAS MORNING!)
to help with hers - they did come out aweful cute...

So, I think that covers the Christmas crafting with the exception of ONE project that needs to be photographed.

I hope everyone's Christmas was cheery and bright!

*Did you hear the bells...?*


  1. Thank you for the lovely hexagonflower! I just love the blue fabric!

  2. You are fabulous! I love all your fabric crafts!

    Can I get the pattern for those cute girly clutches? (The little ones.) They are darling!

  3. Yes yes yes! Melinda I will photo copy it and send it your way next week. SUPER easy - I will write my modifications that I use for the little girls vs the big girls <3 you!

  4. Maria! I am so glad you like it! I was a little worried!! <3