Friday, December 3, 2010

Whos and Whoville

So, another blog hop is happening. Today is day THREE (you can still join in Henry Glass Fabrics has all the details!). I love these things. I learn SOO much. One of my favorite Christmas time movies is The Grinch *yes* this is a relevant fact! Jacquelynne over at The Noble Wife posted a pattern for a pin cushion - SOOO CUTE! She also admitted to being a "recovering perfectionist" - does that not describe me or what!? She also said that she could see little Whos singing around the tree (pin cushion) in Whoville. This year, Adrianne sat on Mommy's lap to watch The Grinch on tv. She swayed in time with the Whos singing and giggled at the Grinch. I hope that Adrianne is not nearly as (yes, Im going to say it!) particular about things as I am. The Whos give such a phenominal example. It doesnt take THINGS to make Christmas great - all it takes is love and having each other.

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  1. Thanks for the "shout out"!!! Good luck on the giveaway!
    PS we watched the Grinch the other night too- a tradition!