Monday, April 4, 2011

Blogger Shame? Guilt?

I have been shamed into blogging.
Or maybe guilted into it.

This process brought me to a few questions:
  • Why do I not blog regularly?
  • What is the thought process that goes into a blog post?
  • Have I been avoiding this out of fear of 'will they like it'?
Then I thought about it.
I really dont give a flying eff if you like my blog or not.
Key words: MY BLOG.

So. Here it is.
I dont blog regularly because I don't.
I will try to get better about it. For myself.
I think this is called 'guilt free blogging'

The thought process - well, frankly, I do think I have  been OVER thinking it.
So, no more thinking.
{well, minimal thinking, anyway!}

Prepare yourself for more rambling -
which will therefore lead to -
You've guessed it!
More posting.

I wont always have something witty or smart to say.
I wont always be cheery and bright.
But I will try my darndest to be present
And it will always be honest
And heartfelt.


1 comment:

  1. I try not to think and I *think* that I've become really good at not doing it. That being said, I have the same saying, "my blog"... so when my husband harrases me about something on it or someone else says something, that's what I say.